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Patrick Berglund – St. Louis Blues Player and Emelli were here to pick up thier new puppy from Brooklyn and Diesel’s litter.

I’m writing to tell you Thank You for the most AMAZING dog!  We had the pleasure of loving Biscuit for nearly 17 years. He was from a litter of Copper and Benelli born 6/27/07.  We recently had to put him down 2/16/24 and up until the last 3 days, he had been very healthy and strong and I truly believe he would’ve kept going for much longer out of pure love and devotion  but he couldn’t get up on his own in the last 3 days and we decided he had provided us with more love & joy than we could ask of him anymore. He was the most special and LOYAL dog I have ever known. He was the fourth of our fur babies, all yellow labs, but the only one from Sievers and it was very evident that you breed healthy, smart and loyal companions. He was the easiest to train and the only lab we’ve had that would NEVER leave my side to chase anything. We truly believe he would have walked through fire if I had asked him to. The sweetest soul who loved everyone and every other dog he ever met, great with kids, I could always trust him in any situation. We know how truly blessed we were to have him with us for nearly 17 years!!  Once our hearts have time to heal, I will absolutely be in touch with you to pick our new companion.
Thank you so much! 
Shane & Julie Cwik 🐶
Millie is our 3 year old lab from Opal and Gage’s Fall 2017 litter.  She quickly asserted herself as the central figure of our family, given her playful, sweet, and fun Type-A personality!  Her favorite things to do include daily walk(s), playing with her neighbor dog friends, greeting delivery services that stop by the house, and just hanging out and snuggling with her people.  We love our Millie (and see a lot of Opal in her)!
~Mark D.

Opal and Gage

Our baby, River, was born on March 7th. She is wonderful. She is very smart, relaxed and beautiful! Thank you so much Sievers Retrievers!!
~Terra S.

Sadie and Huter

My name is Angi C. and my husband and our 3 children adopted a male puppy (F1b golden doodle)  from your kennel in early April, 2016.  Lincoln, his name now, we born on Feb 14, 2016 to Isabella and Rocky.  He is almost 5 years old and I just wanted you all to know that he is truly one of the best dogs we have ever owned!  He’s truly a part of our family and we are blessed to have him.  I will attach a few pictures of him so you can see how much he’s grown and how loved he is!  He is healthy and weighs around 25lbs, he is a miniature F1b.  We have been considering another pet to add to our family and definitely wanted to reach out to you!

Thank you so much!

~Angie C.

Isabella and Rocky

Here is a referral from the Sanders on who we call “the goodest boy”. He turned 4 this year! Wallace Sanders is the perfect big brother to Robert, so tolerant to his “hugs” and loving “pets”. He also doesn’t hate all the extra snacks he’s getting from the high chair. He is a best friend to his daddy, Neil, going on walk after walk and playing fetch in the field by our house. He is extra snuggly when his mom, Kimberly, needs it. We could not have asked for a better labradoodle and were so impressed with the entire process at Sievers Retrievers. So much so we are contemplating growing the family with another doodle soon. Thank you so much Sievers Retrievers, we refer your pups to everyone we know!
~Kimberly S.

Ryder II and Simba


Dogs hold a special place in your heart. And I believe there are certain ones that you have that no other dog will compare to. That was my Mollie. I got her for my 16th birthday. And she lived a healthy 13 years. She enjoyed hiking, swimming (yes she would even jump off the diving board with me) and doing the “crazy dog” as we called it, where she would just run around in circles for a long time without stopping. She was so smart. At Christmas time I would wrap her presents, and she would never open them until we said she could, but believe it or not this dog would unwrap Christmas presents with her paws and teeth. Taking every piece of paper off her new toy or treat before playing with it. After I had kids, I was worried she would be jealous. She wasn’t, she was their protector. If we were wrestling she would try to “save” them by getting in my way. She was so loving, and always wanting to please. And so very loyal. She never had any issues until the last few months, she had a hard time getting up and moving. But before that she seemed like a puppy (health wise) her entire life. She left a print on our hearts that can’t be replaced. And I am so grateful we were able to have her for as many years as we did. Like I said, I got her for my 16th birthday, and she was with me through everything. Always by my side, always healthy, and always loyal. Thank you for breeding the best of the best. Her dad was Bubba, I’m unsure who her mom was but she was born in July of 2006.
~Ashley Y.

Daddy was Bubba

These are our amazing mini doubledoodles we got from Sievers Retrievers in February 2020, best thing to happen to us this year! Macallan and Bailey are such smart, sweet, healthy energetic dogs. We had not had dogs before getting these two and Sievers prepared us well when we picked them up with such good information and answered all our questions. Parents are Mom Lucy and Dad Simba, they were both December 22, 2019. I recommend Sievers to everyone who asks me about breeders!
~Lori K.

Lucy and Simba


We purchased Ginger (mini Goldendoodle) in 2017 out of a Bella litter, I’m not sure who her dad is but she was born June 19, 2017. She is a whopping 24 pounds of sass, laziness, love and loyalty. She was very receptive to training and quickly became another member of the family. Now, she’s easily the favorite.
To this day, she’s easily corrected when she does something wrong, which is rare. She spends the majority of her time in someone lap begging to be petted. We couldn’t imagine not having her in our lives and we are so thankful that Siever’s Retrievers is so close to home. In the future, when we need another, we will definitely be going to Sievers’!
~Laura K.



Pepper & Georgia Peach and Simba


Teddy was born 10-17-20.  His parents are Simba and Pebbles.   You were all great to work with!  You communicated often and made the process very smooth.  We were able to come and meet the litters a couple weeks before we made our selection.  Our kids played with puppies for almost 2 hours!  Your staff was very nice and helpful.  We were a little nervous since we hadn’t had a puppy in over 15 years but you made it easy.  Teddy is doing great in his new home.  We highly recommend Sievers Retrievers. 
~Brian & Malinda C.

Pebbles and Simba



Our Arya is from Sally and Willy 10/10/20. She is extremely smart and full of love and energy! We couldn’t be happier with the addition to our family. After the passing of our 15 year old Golden Retriever mix over the summer the happiest of all is our 8 year old dog. They are inseparable!
~Amy, Matt, & Taz S.

Sally and Willy

Goldodor named Yogi, he is from Dory in March of 2018. He’s the best hiking partner and so far the best behaved dog ever!
~Wendy S.

We love our labradoodles, Shadow and Penny. Shadow is a standard and will turn 7 next month. She has a big bark but a loving personality. Penny just turned 4 and she is a mini. She is a scaredy-cat and always hides behind her sister. My 13 yo twins love their dogs! Here are a few pictures that my girls have taken. When we get another dog we will definitely be getting her from Sievers!
~Tess H.

In June 2019, during the horrible floods, we took home our sweet Charlotte Gloria (named after the blues anthem). She was born to Georgia Peach and Simba on May 2nd of that year. During that difficult time for travel, the ferry boats were shut down, making our round trip four hours and we live just over in St. Charles county. You made accommodations to not only keep us safe during the travel, but also to decrease our drive time.
Nearly two years later, we couldn’t be more in love with our sweet golden girl. She is a cuddle bug and very good with our very active kids. We couldn’t be more happy with our entire experience.
~Melissa D.

Georgia Peach and Simba


This is Penny.  She is th best pup ever.  We are so happy we got her from you guys!  Hands down the best breeder!  We will definitely be getting more pups in the future from Sievers.

~Claire P.

Jumper and Charlie


Chris and Sabian


Hello Sievers Team,

Chris and I wanted to give you an update on Sabian – Cymbal of Excellence. He is from Cripsy and Brody’s litter Oct. 24, 2015. He is now 7 1/2 months old. He is extremely smart and willing to please both Chris and I. He went to puppy training and learned all his commands in no time at all. Sabian also enjoys playing ball and playing in the water. We took him on his first family trip to Meramec State Park where he loved being with the grandkids and grandpuppies but most of all playing in the creek. It was amazing to watch him stick his whole head in the water and come up with a stick. He was so proud of himself, he pranced around like he was the king of creek.

He is looking very good on his conformation as well. We have a lot more training ahead of us but very hopeful. As much as he loves the water I may look into the waterfowl training.

Attached is a picture of Chris and Sabian at 6 months.

Thank you for the perfect fit for our family,Kathy and Chris Diesel



Dear Mr. and Mrs. Sievers,

I wanted you to see what a nice looking dog I have, thanks to Krispy and Max. The attached is a picture of Scout at 6 months old. He is now a little over 7 months. Scout is easy to train, very friendly to all visitors–dogs and people alike, and has been a wonderful companion to me. He loves to swim in the lake in front of my house, has a huge fence back yard to run in, and loves to chase tennis balls.

This is definitely the best dog I have ever had.
Thank you.
Pat Yount




This is Rosie our labradooddle from Crispy and Max liter on March28, 2014. She has brought us so much joy into our lives. Rosie is going to be 8 months old. She is housebroke and already out of her crate at night. She is so friendly and never meets a stranger. She has a great disposition and is good with all 10 of our grand kids. Rosie loves taking walks and playing with all her balls, which she brings back to you and drops it right in your hand. She loves going to Mastondon State Park to play in the creek. She has been such a wonderful addition to our family.

Thank you and Sievers for breeding such calm, lovable and smart dogs.

John and Sandy Geitz

Service Dogs

MDA Muscle Team 2014 – Former St. Louis Blues players attended, along with Roger and his family. Roger Sievers Donated two puppies for the event and had a wonderful time at the fundraiser.

Service Dogs

Capable Canines of Wisconsin, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that trains and places service dogs. They are dedicated to providing assistance and support to children and adults living with autism, seizures, and physical disabilities. If in need of assistance please contact
Capable Canines of Wisconsin, Inc.
P.O. Box 34
Onalaska, Wisconsin 54650
(608) 561-2269

We wanted to give you an update on Annie, from Drake and Camis Feb 2012 littler. We got Annie to train as a therapy dog and since she was 8 weeks old, she has gone to an Alzheimers assisted living facility to visit her grandmother. The residents and nurses have enjoyed watching her grow up. At 18 months, because of her love for the water, we decided to start training her to retrieve. Under the direction of a local retriever trainer, Bill Moses, Annie quickly became a marking machine and earned her HRC Started Dog Title 2 ½ months later. Even with the late retriever training start, Bill has her on her way to being a great competitor. This is the 3rd dog Bill trained from Sievers and he is impressed with their drive to retrieve while staying a calm family dog. When she turns 2, she will be eligible to enter the Touch Therapy class at St. Louis Support Dogs to begin her formal therapy training. Thank you for providing such an all around great dog.

Connie and Mike
Imperial, MO


We could have found a puppy anywhere but finding the perfect family pet is something you just don’t find anywhere. We cannot thank Sievers Retrievers enough for bringing us together with Lego from Ginger and Hoss’ litter April 29, 2013. He is everything you said he would be and so much more. We were looking for a puppy that would not only bond with our six year old son Michael, but who would be easy going and not jumpy. We’re so grateful you told us about a puppy who you thought fit the bill as he was calm, loved the touch of people, and is a follower. You were right. He is the perfect fit!

Lego has added so much to our family from the minute we drove away from your farm. Michael loves him and smothers him with kisses and pets. So much so that our puppy trainer says she’s never seen such a tolerant puppy. Michael even attends these classes and is learning all of the commands and Lego listens. Of course he is rewarded for this grand puppy behavior. Lego is so patient, laid-back, and such a good looker, we get compliments all the time.

Over the last 8 weeks we’ve become quite attached, and so have our neighbors who all threaten to take this beautiful boy home. We cannot imagine life without him now and love him dearly. We of course recommend Sievers Retrievers to everyone. Keep up the great work.

Thank you,

The Kaempf Family

Sharon, Jeff and Michael

Baseball Hall of Famer in 1969
Stan the Man
Stan Musial with a puppy from Tammy and Hoss 2011 Litter

Former Green Bay Packer Payers with Three of Sievers Retrievers dogs that are part of the Capable Canines of Wisconsin, Inc.

Starting on the left is Gilbert Brown (Former nose tackle), William Henderson (Former full back), Chris Jackie (Former kicker), LeRoy Butler (inventor of the lambeau leap in the end zone, former strong safety), Clifford Lynn Dickey (former Quaterback) Frank Winters (Former Center), and Marco Rivera (former guard). Dogs left to right are Quinton, Sheldon, and Wally.

Chris Pronger(former St. Louis Blues Player) and his family enjoying their new puppy Moose from Ginger and Hoss 2013 litter.

Dear Sievers Retrievers

It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you that we lost our beloved Duke on Oct. 6th of 2013. He was from Buck and Sassys litter January 1, 2000. We were blessed with him for almost 14 years-all of them good.He was a hunting machine, and one of the best friends we have ever had. I have attached 3 pictures of him, doing what he loved. We will miss him so much. The picture on your home page of the pup and man after a hunt is Duke and my husband Jim. Duke was only 10 months old in that picture, but out-hunted all the more experienced hunting dogs. I have also attached a picture of Lincoln, our other lab, Canada Goose hunting. He is from Hunter and Gracie November 23, 2003. He will be 10 years old next month, but you wouldnt know it to look at him. He is still very puppy-like in many ways. Absolutely the sweetest and smartest dog ever. This will probably be his last year hunting. Both of the boys were the best puppies, and very easy to train. So much of that reflects on you as the breeder, taking such good care of what you do. We are not quite ready for another one, but we will be back to see you when we are.Thank you so much for everything you do.

Louise and Jim Smith
St. Louis, MO

Service Dogs

Maddie and Stella

I have 2 Sievers Retrievers- a 3 year old Golden and a 10 year old Lab, and they are both awesome. My lab is trained as a Touch Dog and has almost 2 million likes on Facebook.They travel to Hilton Head Island with us in the summer and they love the beach!
The Barrett Family


Dear Sievers Retrievers

This is our precious pup from Ginger and Hoss litter Dec 27, 2013 at 10 weeks. As you can see she is healthy and gorgeous. Sophie has been such a joy and she is so smart. We made the trip all the way from Louisville, Ky and was well worth it! We get nothing but compliments about her. Thanks again to all at Sievers Retrievers

Mike and Kathy Gardner

Dear Sievers Retrievers,

This is Remi, our family got her on Dec. 14th , 2012. She is from Chester and Rices litter from October 29,2012. She was a gift to our the kids as we lost our other chocolate lab three years prior. We could not have picked a better place to have gotten her from. She is so smart, has the best personality and just an all around amazing addition to the family. She was potty trained at 7 weeks old, only a week after we got her! We rarely have to have her on a leash due to her never leaving our side and we always get complements on how well behaved she is and of course how beautiful she is! The litter description was big and blocky, this was exactly what we wanted and 90 pounds later this is exactly what we got! We want to say thank you so much for this perfect lab, we could not have gotten a better fit for our family.

Thank you again,
The Yorks

Greetings! Thought you would like to have a photo of our nearly 5-month-old puppy, Jack (Molly & Hawk). He is so sweet and wonderful. He just completed his AKC S.T.A.R. puppy training at Support Dogs, Inc. this month. He’ll start adult obedience training there in January.

As you can see from the photo, he’s getting ready for his first Christmas! All of us wish all of you a nice holiday season.

Ray and Janet Iggulden & Jack
Webster Groves, MO

This is our beautiful 8 1/2 month old lab Amos we got from you in April. Junior and Krispy are his mom and dad. We just love him!!.

Tucker is out of Star and Trigger spring 2013 litter.

Sievers Retrievers

Attached is the most current photo of Baxter! He is such a remarkable pup, we are very pleased with him. His training is coming along really well too. He is a whooping 28 lbs. already and still has a lot of fur to grow into. I will send more later as he grows….. Thank you from all of us on such a wonderful pup!

Jill, Bill, Bill, Ace & Baxter Westfall

Sievers Retrievers

Just wanted to send you an updated photo of Remy (from White Angel and Gunner’s July 2009 litter) and Reilly (from Ginger and Cooper’s August 2012 litter).

Remy is a great lab who loves the water and anything that remotely resembles fetching. He can’t stop fetching. He loves the dog park and going to pet stores where he mooches treats from everyone just by “smiling” at them. Works every time.

Reilly is my energetic labradoodle who loves everyone and everything. He is the sweetest dog and constantly gets compliments on how “cute” he is. He soaks up the compliments and loves to cuddle. He also loves jumping on furniture and has made a racetrack out of the living room sofas.

They are both great dogs and can’t say enough about them.


We got our Spencer on September 17, 2012. Spencer is a litter from Ryder and Jr. Spencer has become a beloved member of the family.

My husband and I arrived at Sievers Farm with our 9 year daughter who had her heart set on a chocolate lab and our 11 year old son who did not want a dog at all. Somehow while playing with the puppies and trying to pick the right one for the family, a small puppy kept following both kids. Amazingly both kids fell in love with the same puppy and both agree to name him Spencer. After naming the puppy we found out that his grandfather is name Spencer, just another sign that we picked the right puppy.

For a puppy Spencer was very calm and friendly. We were able to potty trainer him rather quickly using the Potty Time Chime. We also started Spencer in obedience class when he turn 12 weeks, he was a quick learner. Within a short period of time he learned to sit, stay, come, lay down and climb.

Spencer turn 1 on July 8, he is a calm, friendly and very well behave dog. To us Spencer is the best dog ever!!! My son who didn’t want a dog and was some what scare of dogs now considers Spencer his best friend. Both kids are totally attached to Spencer and they fight every night over who Spencer will sleep.

I attached some pictures of Spencer and the family.

Thanks you so much for giving us Spencer.

The Carpenters


Sievers Retrievers

I’ve been really busy as I always am in the fall, what with the yard work, cutting and splitting wood that I sometimes sell, and working with the organizations that I belong to. I am on the Alton Habitat Board and we’re in the middle of building a house for a young lady and her two children, and we’re trying to get them into it BEFORE Christmas!
I am also The Chairman of The Alton Halloween Parade Committee. The organization is EEIA, or East End Improvement Association and this was our 96th parade! I know, I hold my age well! It has been going long before I was born of course.
Anyway, we, Betty and I just wanted to tell you a sincere Thank You! Our Yellow Lab, BUCK (or BUCKY as we sometimes cal him) is the light in our lives. To say we are “dog people” is grossly understating it! What a joy this pup is in our lives. I hadn’t realized just how much I missed my “best friend” CHIP, who passed away in 2005 (another Yellow Lab). I am 62 now and he is the son I never had. I never thought I’d ever say that about an animal, but it’s true. BUCK was born on the 26th of June 2012, and is now 4 months and 11 days Old. He weighs 26 lbs today and seems to be quite healthy. He does get the hick-ups more often than I think he should, but everything appears to be “normal” with him. Gosh he is such a good natured dog. I almost hate calling him a “dog”. He’s one of the family now.
He is a handsome dog and we are always getting complements on how “beautiful” he is. Of course he has gotten all his shots to date and we feed him two cups of food every day. He is fond of ice cubes too!
He has never chewed on anything except his toys, and he readily excepts his crate when we have to leave him at home for a while. We always put that rubber toy in there after we place a few treats inside which gives him a couple of minutes of play time getting to them out.
I will try and send you his picture as soon as we can. If I had your cell phone number, I could send his picture to you that way easier than through this computer. My ability to send pics through this thing is no good because it’s not working right. He could be a “show” dog I think because he is that good looking!. I wouldn’t do that to him though.
One more thing. Thank you so much for recommending HAPPY TAILS to us for boarding. They are really great when we leave BUCK there. We are currently having him go through 3 weeks of obedience training and has completed one week. He is catching on fast. He loves it there. Once I hit the door and he is inside, he forgets about me and heads for all the girls who work there and make over “BUCKY” so much. They love him. What’s not to love! We tell everyone where we got him and are often asked. Our Vet is Dr Robert J. Formea, D.V.M.. He said he has never had any problems with any animal from your place.
So thank you once again, and if I get your cell number, I’ll send you a picture of BUCK. He is beautiful for sure. Be sure and pass this along to Roger and BUCK’s parents, DIAMOND and JR. Thank you guys.

Sincerely, James E Leonard and Betty Clark

Dear Sievers Retrievers,
I literally cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful pup! He is the sunshine of my day!!!!! He is so healthy and perfect in so many ways!
I included some pictures of Moose…from the little guy he started out as; all the way to the handsome 2-year old he is now! We got Moose, from Cami and Drake’s litter right before Christmas in 2010. His birthday is October 22nd, 2010. We brought him home and instantly fell in love. Moose is the most affection and loyal dog I have ever had! He is my little shadow…well not so little anymore! He is my 106 pound lap dog!
His amazing qualities are too many to mention! He is protective of our 3 and 5 year old sons, energetic and playful when we want him to be; calm and snuggly when we want him to be! He is literally the perfect lab!
Thank you so much for such a wonderful addition to our lives!
The Stone Family


Dear Michelle, Roger, Carla and the whole Sievers Team,

My wife & I….. (David & Mary Jane Florence) are proud to announce to you that our beautiful (5) yr. old Golden Retriever (MarJus) was officially crowned with her AKC Master Of Agility Champion Pedigree on February 19th 2012 at the National Equestrian Center in Lake St. Louis, MO. The following info and pictures are attached to this email along with conversation between myself and Carla (4) yrs. ago in another email below that you may find amusing and interesting on MarJus’ progression in the sport of AKC agility.

We received/picked up MarJus….hence, (Mar) for Marly – Marly Of Matty & (Jus) for Justice – Desi’s Justice For All…. thus (MarJus) in March of 2007 and who was born into the Marly/Justice litter on January 27th 2007. First of all…… we would like to thank you for breeding such a wonderful, kind, intelligent, sweet & loving Golden Retriever. She has been more than we could have ever dreamed of when we visited you (5) yrs. ago. We had “NO” intention that we would someday compete with her in AKC agility or that she would be a national competitor…………… but that is exactly what she has turned into. We started training with a professional agility school/instructor after she was approx. 15 months old. MarJus really liked the sport and progressed much more rapidly than anticipated as I handle her in the competition ring to this day. We eventually entered her into her first AKC trial/show in July of 2008 and she won 1st place in that first novice division trial and we really began to think we had a special athlete in the family……maybe?? Through many many long hours of training, (3-4) times a week and entering AKC events two/three times a month, we were hooked on this as an overall wonderful family experience. To this day, we continue to train three/four days a week and we also attend various health & wellness seminars along with agility seminars across the midwest to gain as much professional knowledge from the best in the country to keep MarJus healthy and in “tip-top” shape! Fetching tennis balls, swimming and just hanging out with the children in the neighborhood are her favorite past-times when not running agility.

Eventually……………MarJus breezed through the Novice, Open and finally into the Excellent division of AKC agility and began her quest for “total point recognition” in trying to accumulate a Champion Pedigree through competing. After approx. (3 1/2) yrs. of entering events all across the midwest in several states and also a few across all over the U.S. combined with traveling, staying in hotels and continuous practice….. we finally reached the apex of this sport…….(MACH)!!!

MarJus recently was invited to the U.S. National Championships for her overall performance over the last previous year (2011). We attended the championships in Reno, NV this past Mar./Apr. 2012 and “showed” very well in that championship placing #23 overall of “ALL” dogs competing in the 24″ division out of only the very best (90) dogs in the U.S within that 24″ division. There was an overall total of (900) dogs in all (7) divisions 4” thru 26″. Needless to say……we are very proud and we look forward to competing in the National Championships as Tulsa, OK will host next year’s special event. We plan on being in Tulsa and competing to the best of our ability. As long as MarJus gets total enjoyment from this and it’s a positive overall experience, we plan on giving her the resources to be her very best. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

We are proud to announce MarJus’ official “NEW” pedigree name:

MACH Florence’s Gorgeous MarJus ~ SR40115506.
David and Mary Jane Florence


The boys are 7 1/2 months old now and both doing very well. They are from Holly and Ramsey’s litter.
Paula Jost

Ava is six months old now. 18 pounds and growing! Housebroken. She is a good girl and very much loved.


The Robinsons

Holly and Ramsey 2012 litter male named Ty, at 10 months he weighs 90lbs and is still growing!

Owner Preston Barrow, 14, of St. Louis, watches as his dog Indy, a Golden Retriever, jumps during a practice run at the Splash for rescues event at Belleville Crossing on Friday afternoon. Indy is rated sixth in the world for the “Big Air” event.

Hi, Sievers Family
We thought you would like to see what one of your pups is up to. This is our third golden from your great kennel; every dog we have had over the past 17 years has been so special. Thank you again for this wonderful, loving dog that would do anything for his master, Preston.
Take Care,
The Barrow Family,
St. Louis MO.


We are the very pleased owners of Brady who is out of the 8/1/12 Sally and Cooper litter. He’s growing like a weed. Before long I won’t be able to carry him around! We started puppy kindergarten Monday night. He catches on quickly and I’ve never seen a dog who loved being with other dogs, and people, as much as he does. If we can just get past the teething stage, we’ll have this puppy thing knocked. Also, he’s doing well with house breaking and has from day one. I’m attaching a picture we took with my teddy bear collection. I think it’s pretty cute and thought you’d enjoy seeing it.

All the best,
Michelle Linneweh

Thank you to you and your family! We are enjoying our puppy Dasher ( like Santa’s reindeer) that we got from you at Christmas time 2011! He is still young but everyone tells us how amazing he is for his age! He let’s our two year old just lay all over him and boss him around! He is rarely on leash as he is always right by our side and interested in helping! He even caught a pesky mole for us the other day! He has been the best addition to our family and we just wanted to send along a picture of him and how he is doing with his family!
Thank you again,
Erika Streeter

Dave Glover and a Female from Nelly and Hoss Aug. 13th, 2010 Litter

Roger, Addy is a goose hunting machine. 10 1/2 months old and has retrieved 56 honkers, 12 snow, 38 speckle belly, 67 pheasant, and 23 ducks. That is great for a dog at this age. She is from Alice and gunners March 9th, 2011. Layton, IL

Sievers Retrievers,
I got a huge surprise when I visited my aunt and uncle in August 2009 – a big yellow one! Toby is the best gift I have ever received. He is a very loving and sweet boy who is also very smart. As you can see he is extremely handsome and has the perfect temperament. We get compliments on him regularly. On a trip to the vet in Carrollton, a woman leaving the office looked down at Toby and said, Sievers Retrivers?. Great job Sievers! Thank you Uncle Steve and Aunt Karie for choosing him, and to Sievers for breeding the BEST DOG EVER.

Katie Fujarski
Saint Louis, MO


Dear Sievers Retrievers,
We’ve been meaning to write this testimonial since a few months after we brought our little Dakota home in December of 2010. Fast forward to a year and a half later and that little dog has turned into 90 lbs of handsome, melt-our-hearts, non-stop fun! He is a true Labrador—he loves us and everyone he meets, enjoys any body of water (even the smallest puddle), retrieves anything that resembles a ball or a stick, and was the easiest little thing to train (house broken in 5 short days using the bell method)! Strangers constantly give us compliments and remark what a beautiful dog we have and how intelligent he is. Others who know anything about Labs, immediately say he must be a “Sievers” dog; we are proud to say that he is and it speaks volumes of the work you put into these dogs.

We truly can’t thank you enough for giving us such a large part of our family! He was worth every penny and he’s become absolutely irreplaceable to us-just like one of our children.

Jeff & Kelli Cox

Yadi – Brook and Spencer Oct 2011 litter and Murphy – Mona and Rocky Dec 2011 litter

Hello Roger, Carla, and all of the Sievers Retrievers that worked so hard at helping us to find our “perfect family pets”. We came to Sievers Retrievers because we heard that you guys breed the calmest, most loving dogs. We knew that we wanted a yellow lab for sure….one that was as white as possible. We told Roger what we were looking for in a pup and a forever pet….my husband and I said we wanted the calmest pup he had. After playing with several, he brought us this quiet, beautiful, yellow lab. He had huge paws and Roger said that he was going to be a big one! We instantly fell in love with this perfect pup that came from Brooke and Spencers Oct 2011 litter. His name is Murphy and he is perfect in every way. Murphy thinks he is a big kid, so please don’t tell him otherwise. He already had a beagle brother, a golden retriever sister, and 5 kids ranging in age from 19 years to 2 years at home waiting for him. Murphy stole all of our hearts immediately. We loved him so much, we decided to go back to Sievers and get his remaining litter mate. Once we arrived, we found that the pup that was meant for our family and Murphy was a sweet, tiny pup from Rocky and Monas Dec 2011 litter. We named him Yadier….Yadi for short….after our favorite Cardinals player. Murphy and Yadi fill our hearts with love and joy everyday. They are so sweet and gentle with the kids, but love to get down to business when it is play time. They sleep in the same crate because they love each other so much. We wanted to just let the Sievers know how thankful we are for these very special additions to our family. If you are looking for the love of your life….you’ve come to the right place.
Eric and Lori Kampwerth and Family

We adopted Chocolate Thunder Moose Tracks or Moose for short from Tootsie and Drake’s last litter (April 2007). Moose has been an excellent addition to our family and has not missed a step in fitting into our very active family. We all laugh because we are convinced that he thinks he is a human! After a long day of retrieving baseballs and softballs after batting practice in our yard, he becomes an 85 lap dog. He loves going for a ride in the car, he’s always ready to go. He is the gentlest, kindest and smartest dog and people who aren’t dog people all love him and he has never met a person that he doesn’t like. He is well known at our kids’ baseball/softball/soccer games. One of his best dog friends is a 4lb Yorkie from across the street who he likes to go on walks with and play with.

Thank you, Sievers Retrievers, for everything you did to make Moose a great dog!
The Hubert Family
(Tony, Melanie, Claire & Luke)
Kirkwood, MO


Hi! I just wanted to update you on the wonderful puppy we adopted from Marley and Cooper’s December 2011 litter. Izzy is a great companion for all of our family! She loves to play fetch, go for walks, and snuggle at night. My kids (6 and 8 years) absolutely adore her and we couldn’t have asked for a better puppy!

Thank you!
Carrie Baumann


Just wanted to send you a note to tell you how happy we are with our miniature labradoodle we got from you in the October 2011. Our dog, Fozzie, is about 11 months old and is from Annie and Cooper. She is the absolute best dog on the planet. She is loving, playful, obedient, and smart. It takes her no time at all to learn both tricks and new rules of the house. She seemingly loves everyone equally although she really likes snuggling with our kids (ages 8, 11) in their beds at night. The neighborhood kids all want to play with Fozzie, and she NEVER tires of playing fetch with a tennis ball.

We have used the Potty Time Chimes with her from the beginning. She learned the system in about two days and we have never looked back. She just knows to ring it when she has to go out. Fozzie stands about 21 inches tall and weighs 43 pounds.

Wallace Gustafson and Family

Here are a few pictures of Holli. She has become quite a frisbie jumping catching girl. I am going to take some more of here jumping and send them soon. She is doing very well but still always has to have something in here mouth most of the time. She is sooooooooo spoiled. Take care

Rick & Holli



Hello! I am Jennifer Briner. I wanted to send an email giving an update on our lil black furry man from Marley and Coopers December 2011 litter. We decided to call him Cooper Jr. (CJ for short). We wanted to thank you so much for our lil guy. He has became such a great companion in the 5/6 months we have had him. He loves fetch, walks and anything that has to do with activity. He is so much fun and loves to cuddle with the family. I really couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. We are so blessed to have him. Thanks again for providing such high quality puppies. Attached is CJ’s 4 & 7 month pictures.
Jennifer Briner
Chatham, IL

Hi Carla and Roger! I just wanted to update you on Kallie from Cooper and Molly’s litter. She is 8 1/2 months old, 32 pounds and an absolute joy! After months of research, I decided to make a puppy from Sievers Retrievers a part of my family this past summer and could not be happier with that decision. She has brought tons of smiles and laughter to my life as well as many others! We moved to Kansas City, Missouri after she had been home a few weeks. Thanks to Potty Time Chimes, apartment potty training was fairly easy. She is a great roommate and sidekick! She has become quite popular in our apartment complex- we can’t go on a walk without having to stop at least once for her to be petted by friendly faces. She enjoys playing with the neighbors and their dogs, eating ice cubes, cuddling, chasing her tail, and playing fetch. Thank you for helping me find this wonderful addition to my life!
~Jennifer York

Hello Roger & Michelle,

I’m sorry I haven’t sent you any updates on Gunner since he was a puppy. I check out you site from time to time to see if Justice has any litters and was wondering how he is doing. Just want you to know that in our 36 years of marriage we have had quite a few dogs, all lived close to 14 yrs of age, mostly golden labs or retrievers and I’m praying Gunner lives at least that long because he is one of the sweetest, smartest dogs we have ever had! Couldn’t say he was a watch dog because he wouldn’t harm a fly! He loves everyone including our cats and horses too and everyone he meets loves him too. We usually have had 2 dogs in the past but with the passing of our last Golden and me losing my job we decided just to have 1 so we can afford to give him everything he deserves. Also wanted to let you know we always have Gunner on light dog food (Natures Recipe Lamb/Rice), now he’s on the Senior but he is still a very big boy, just look at those paws in the pictures! Last time he was weighed at the vet he was 118 lbs, he’s not fat, just very big boned. Want you to know if and when we do decide to get another Golden we will be sure to come to you. Thank you so much!

Jodie Hudson
Moline, IL

Hello Sievers Retrievers!
This is Cooper from Angel and Gunner’s April 4, 2009 litter. We just wanted to let you know how amazing the past 3 years have been… Cooper is such an incredible dog that makes us smile and melts our hearts every day. We cannot tell you enough how much we love our little bundle of joy! He loves having visitors, meeting other dogs, and playing in the snow. He will do just about anything for a treat and stares at his food container 10 seconds after he’s done eating- always hoping for an extra meal. We also think he’s getting pretty arrogant from all of the compliments he receives daily- we always get people saying “what a great-looking dog!” “please tell me where you got him!” (and of course, we always refer them to you!). Cooper has been the best gift to our family and we love him with all our hearts. Thank you!!
Ross, Stephanie and Cooper Ritchell
Evanston, IL

Bentley is from Red Ryder and Ramsey born Oct. 30, 2010. I have written before about what a wonderful dog he is. He is such a character and keeps not only on our toes but laughing at his antics. About two weeks ago, I notice him trying to get two tennis balls in his mouth at the same time. It took him a week but did achieve his goal. The problem is now he drops one ball in my lap and keeps the other in his mouth. He will walk a distance away and turn staring at me to throw the ball. I tell him I can’t throw the ball when he has one in his mouth. He thinks about this for a minute then drops the ball so I will throw the other one. We keep going through this routine.
He is a very big boy but loves us and wants to be with us every minute. We love him.

Dear Roger and Family,
Here is a photo of Bentley. WE brought him home on Aug. 13, 2011. He is adjusting so well here. Our other dogs (Dashund and Westie) have accepted him as well. He weighs 40lbs. Potty training is going well also. He met 2 labs who came from your home. They are yellow labs – Parents are Ed and Kate. They live 2 homes away from us! Thank you for providing our family with such a wonderful addition as Bentley.
Dave,Diane Holmen


Your Marley-retired(2/2/02) & Trixie(4/22/11 from Turbo & Bubba)
Trixie is our fifth golden puppy in our 35 years of marriage…and the best puppy we have ever had! She and Marley are getting along well. Trixie is really an excellent puppy. There is definitely a difference in the nature and intelligence of the Siever golden retrievers. She is so willing to learn and loves to be with us. Tell Roger to keep up the good work. We have been busy enjoying her…and what a joy she is!
Joan & Steve Jensen St. Louis County

Here is a picture of Nelson! His 4 – year birthday is quickly approaching! He is one of the most loving, obedient, and happy, labs I have ever seen! He is the son of White Angel and Gunner’s 2007 Litter!
The Nelson’s

Hello Sievers:
Please find a picture of our lab, Cash – from Sharpie and Hoss past litter, that we got from you in 2009. My daughter was sleeping, and Cash came in and crawled in bed. She got up to shower, and pulled the covers up, and he was sleeping in less than a few seconds. We are afraid he thinks he is a human and not a dog.
Take care.
Brian Vogt


Message bodyHi Roger and Sievers Retrievers-

I just wanted to write and tell you about our wonderful puppy Yadi, a miniature Golden doodle from Sydney and Cooper born November 19, 2010. He is now 8 months old and extremely spoiled! We decided to get our puppy from you because of the great things we had heard about the temperament of your dogs. I have to say we are VERY pleased with Yadi. He was potty trained within 6 weeks of having him at home, I credit this to the Potty Time Chimes. He is the center of attention everywhere he goes. He has been a joy to train and has not attended any puppy classes, we were able to train him all on our own. Currently he is able to fetch, sit, shake, lay down, roll over, and speak. He currently weighs about 28 pounds and is growing. I would expect him to be about 35-40 pounds when fully grown. He is just what we wanted, not to big but not tiny. We are very pleased with our puppy, Yadi and I have recommended Sievers Retrievers to friends who are looking for a puppy. We look forward to spending many years with Yadi! Thank you, Sievers Retrievers.

Ellen Heffington


Hi Roger and Sievers Retrievers,
Louie is 14 weeks old now! (from Drake and Miss Cool’s litter) He is a great puppy! Many people including neighbors, friends, the vet, and even strangers on the street compliment him on his beautiful color, his good temperament, and of course his handsome good looks!!
When we decided we were ready for a puppy, we decided on Sievers Retrievers after many friends and family, friends of friends and so on spoke so highly of the dogs that are bred from Sievers Retrievers. My mom is amazed at how many people know a puppy or dog from your kennel. She also says that the compliments are incredible….great looks, healthy for a long lifetime, and great family dogs just to name a few!!
Louie is busy learning new tricks, starting puppy school and enjoying all the snow we have had in Chicago!! We are very happy with Sievers Retrievers!
Thanks Roger,
Sarah and Kevin Hammett and Louie


This is Leroy at 7 1/2 months. He weighs 65 lbs. He is graduating from his puppy class tonight. He is so loving and a very well behaved dog (thank god for puppy class) he thinks he is a lap dog he doesn’t realize how big he is. We get more compliments on what a beautiful lab he is. Thanks again.

Courtney Tatgenhorst


Hello Sievers Retrievers,

We got our black lab puppy from you on June 18, when she was 6 weeks and 6 days old. Now she is 10 weeks and 3 days old. We named her Roma. Attached to this e-mail is a picture of her that was taken today.

She is a really fine dog. We have been working diligently to teach her things, and she catches on real fast. At this tender age, she already knows and immediately obeys the “sit” and “down” commands. “Down” was harder to teach than “sit.” Also, she obeys the “wait” command when we set down her food or give her water. I was amazed today when I gave her a “sit-stay” command, and she attentively obeyed as I walked to the other side of the room. Then, even more to my surprise, she then obeyed my arm-up field command for “down.” Then she obeyed the “come” command, after which I gave her the bully stick that she likes so much. Also, we are amazed at how she seems to instinctively know how to retrieve and actually do it right. We hold the item to be retrieved. We tell her so “sit.” We throw the item, and she stays sitting. We say “fetch,” and only then does she stand and go running for it. We say “bring,” and she complies by bringing the item to us and dropping it on the ground in front of us. Getting her to do this just seemed to be too easy.

Also, I must relay that we keep her in a wire kennel at night and that she has yet to soil it. At first, we got up three times each night to take her outside. Now it is only one time per night. From day one, the dog has exhibited no stress, which speaks well of the momma dog (Blacky) and the people who bred her.

Thank you for the smart and well-adjusted doggie. We look forward to the many years that she and we will be together.

Pat Mulvany


My name is Connor Jordan and I wrote to tell you that our great yellow lab Hunter passed away a few days ago, he was about 9 years old. I just wanted to thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog. Hunter, named after his father the poster boy, was born on April 7, 2002. Hunter worked his way into all of our hearts and he became known throughout our family as the best dog ever and in my opinion he really was. Hunter was a loving, caring dog and I will never forget about him.I also wanted to share with you my favorite story about my dog. A few years ago when I was still a very young boy I was swimming in a lake out at a place called Innsbrook. All I had as a floatation device was a noodle. A dog that belonged to our neighbors across the lake was curious and he swam over to me. He began to climb on top of me and pull me under at which point Hunter came flying through the water and fought the dog off of me and towed me in by his tail (he normally never let us hold onto his tail and have him tow us). After he had brought me back into shore he swam back across the lake and taught that dog a lesson for good measure. Rest in peace, Best Dog Ever.

I just wanted to write to let you know that my 12 year, 5 month old Golden went to Heaven today. I purchased him from you on a cold winter January day and we rode home across the river with him inside my coat. He was my absolute love and I will miss him so very much.

This is to thank you for breeding such a wonderful, good natured, giving and most handsome dog. His father was Bear and his mother was Haddie Lake.

I hope all is well with all of you. Kobi (from Lil Turbo and Snowball and Luke from Delilah and Snowball are both doing fine but they will miss Father Zach.

Patti Ahner

Hi Roger & Michelle!

I am enclosing pictures of my dog Reese, the one you said “I guarantee she’ll hunt or you can bring her back.” Well you certainly were right…she can hunt! She is my third chocolate lab & she is my best chocolate lab! At age 1 she was retrieving and hasn’t stopped since. At age 2 we shot 89 ducks over her and she only missed 4! I would say that is pretty good! This year has been a slow season, but she hasn’t missed a single duck! I highly recommend you to all that ask. Everyone comments on what a great looking chocolate lab….best they have seen!
Here are a couple of pictures of her in action!
Thanks again,
Mike Lordo

Meet Winston our puppy from Ramsey & Molly’s litter born on April 8th 2010. Winston has a great personality and is enjoying his life in Montana.

John & Gail Haire

Hello Sievers,
We just wanted to finally send some photos of Rhody, from Red and Hoss’s September 2009 litter. Rhody is a wonderful family dog. He is happy go lucky, playful, and very sweet. We couldn’t have asked for a dog with a better temperment – especially since we now have an infant. Rhody loves to go for walks and run on the beach – although is he is a baby and scared of the waves! He is definitely not a guard dog 🙂 Everyone who sees him compliments on how handsome he is – and we think so too!!
Thank you for such a great addition to our family!
Rachel, John, and Avery Pimental
North Attleboro, MA

Here’s the link for Jake’s (KT X Bubba, July, 2007) official Therapy Dog Web Page. You can peruse the site for more information on the programs:
He completed 8 Rally Obedience Titles/Championships in 2010 and has joined the ranks of the 0.8% of Goldens out of the 2 million registered who have AKC Excellent Level Titles. Jake’s registered name is now: ARCH RL1X Jake of Rhonels RE RL3 CW-ZR1 CW-Obd1 CGC and he can be found in k9data.com. In Spring, 2011 he will be in Front and Finish magazine with the 2010 Obedience Allstars of the Obedience Club we belong to. He obtained his AKC Tracking Certification after tracking only 3 months in October, 2010. It was difficult to get into a TD test this fall so we will hopefully get our TD next year. We recently started Variable Surface tracking and he’s progressing nicely. He also finds time for his absolute favorite activity – speed retrieving/swimming. Freestyle Dance (I am serious) is his next favorite pastime and we belong to a Canine Drill Team. Jake is truly a once in a lifetime dog who is the role model golden that is described in breed standards for personality, temperment, trainability, biddibility etc.


Michelle and Roger,

My husband and I purchased a chocolate out of the March 12, 2007 litter from Brownie and Drake. I’ve been meaning to write you for a very long time about how wonderful our dog, Emma is. We had our first child in June 2010 and I’ve realized how much more amazing Emma is by the day as I watch our daughter Allison climb all over her and tug and pull on her. She has an incredible amount of patience and from the day we brought our daughter home, she has been her protector and her companion. Emma is the sweetest dog I’ve ever owned, she is playful, obedient, and was incredibly easy to train. In fact, the worst part of having a puppy…potty training…was even a breeze with her. If I could clone Emma I’d have a million more dogs just like her. The good news is that I know whenever we do return to Sievers, we’ll get another dog who is just as healthy, good tempered, and amazing. Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful dogs and caring so much about each and every one of them. Originally my husband and I were going to get another chocolate from another litter and Roger asked us what we were looking for in a dog. When we let him know a nice family dog, he steered us to the Brownie and Drake litter. You guys sure know your dogs! Thank you SO much!

Ben, Amy and Allison Kalkwarf

Arlington Heights, Illinois


Sorry it’s been so long since I have emailed. Duke and Hombre are doing great and are so smart. We did puppy classes at Webster Animal Hospital and I think they came along the furthest out of the class. We keep working with them so they keep getting better. My best friend has a 2 year old Chocolate Lab that he brings over for play dates so they are staying socialized with dogs as well as people and they are doing wonderful. They don’t even jump on people when they first come over anymore. I can’t tell you how pleased we are with them. We recently let them out of their crates at night and they sleep in our room with us. We are still crating them while nobody is home but I think we’ll be able to completely trust them soon. Anyway here are some recent pics for you guys.

Jim, Laura, Duke, & Hombre Whyte


Merry Christmas to you!

Tucker (Holly and Jake Jan 2010) has been a wonderful addition to our family. Thanks also for the Potty Time Chimes! He was ringing those on his own 3 days after we brought him home! Wow! I wish we had those with previous dogs. I have recommended them to my friends. Hope all is well with you!

Happy New Year!

The Elliott

golden and goldendoodle,

We are having a blast with these guys! They have really enjoyed the falling leave’s and the snow – as you can see! They have started puppy classes at Webster Vet and it’s improving our life together at home – they love the class. They both are best friends and we wouldn’t trade them for anything. Thank you for all of your help and all of the pictures of them growing up. We appreciate everything you have done and we will bring them up to be great dogs.

Happy Holiday’s!

Laura & Jim Whyte, Duke and Hombre

Cape Girardeau, MO. 63701

Chocolate Female from Khlua and Drake 2010 litter.
Hall Of fame hockey player-Bernie Federko with one of our puppies.

Cami and Drake,

Chocolate Female – Cookie and Harley’s 2010 litter
Braden Looper – Former St. louis Cardinals Pitcher


Hi Carla, I guess its my turn to send you some pictures. We named them Duke(doodle) and Hombre. They are doing fantastic and learning very fast. Last night Hombre went to the door to tell us he had to go potty and the tonight Duke did the same. They have not had any accidents in their crates yet either. they have been enjoying exploring and chasing each other in the backyard. They love to wrestle with each other then cuddle up together and take a nap. I got to spend all day Saturday with them outside raking leaves and they had a blast diving into the leaf piles. They haven’t even chewed up anything in the house yet. We have taken them to the vet twice and they look perfectly healthy to her and they seem to be doing great health wise. We did go with Webster Animal Hospital and really like them. We are planning to enroll them in puppy classes to hopefully help with the learning curve(for all of us). Although they can be a little over whelming at times we just try to spend as much time working with them as possible and it seems to be getting them on the right path. They seem to be really happy and all we do is smile from ear to ear so we are thoroughly pleased. Again thank you so much for all the pictures and updates while we waited, we feel truly blessed that we found Sievers Retrievers and decided to get our babies from you guys. We’ll send more pictures soon. Thanks, Jim & Laura Whyte

Hi Roger and family,

In September of 09, we surprised our 3 girls with a yellow lab from Sievers Retrievers in Illinois. We came all the way from Kansas City because of the wonderful things we heard from family and friends about Sievers.

Harley came from the litter Marley and Hoss, so her name was quite fitting for her! Words cannot describe how happy we are that we brought Harley into our family. She has the most mild mannered personality and is loved by all who meet her, especially children. She is a very friendly, happy, and loving dog and follows our girls everywhere they go.

We have been amazed of how fast and easy Harley was to train. Her favorite things to do are to play fetch with her ball and soccer in the backyard with our girls! She is definitely a smart and athletic dog and doesn’t seem to run out of gas easily! We love that about her!

After losing our last 15 year old lab, our hearts were broken. Harley has helped to fill that void and we have no doubt she is and will always be a loyal companion to our family!

We have recommended Sievers to other Kansas City families and will continue to do so. We know they too are as happy with their new dog as we are with Harley!

Thanks Sievers,

The Schmeeckle Family,
Shayne, Michelle, Anna, Emily, and Allison
Overland Park, KS

Hi Roger and family,

I just wanted to share that Jaycee passed her puppy school class last month with FLYING COLORS! I was so proud! Guess what though?! Last weekend she pass the first Hunt/Retriever Class up in Peoria, Il. She is doing fantastic and is a super girl!

Thanks so much! Denny and Sharron Taft


I am sending an email with pictures of my beloved Baker! He was from Khalua and Harley’s litter December 2008. I can’t tell you enough what a wonderful and loving companion he is to me. As a first time dog owner, I couldn’t be more pleased with him or with you facility. He is a favorite of friends, family and my entire neighborhood. I just wanted to see how great he is doing, so I’m including pictures from the past two years!
Thanks Again,

Rochelle Calhoun

Dear Sievers,

Attached please find photos of our Golden Retriever, Bailey. (daughter of Haley and Ramsey ’09) She is an amazing dog – so loving and eager to please. Our two daughters feel like they have another sister! Thank you!

The Gregston Family

Hi Sievers ~

We wanted to send you an update on our puppy, Henry, from Bell & Justice’s Oct. ’09 litter. We can’t thank you enough for him! He’s been a wonderful addition to our family and couldn’t have asked for a better dog. He’s such a joy to be around and really easy going. He’s getting to be a big puppy! He’s a full 70lbs already at 7 months but is a gentle giant. He’s been very easy to train and just aims to please us and will do ANYTHING for food! We definitely recommend Sievers for anyone looking for a great Golden. Thanks again…we couldn’t be happier!

P.S. Henry is the puppy on the right on your expectant litter page for Bell & Justice. =)

Kelli and Todd Marshall

Hi Carla, Syndey & Justice were Payton’s parents. We’re so happy with her, we can’t take her anywhere that a crowd doesn’t form around her. She loves the attention!

Take care. J.

Hi everyone at Sievers Retrievers,

Now that Daphne (out of Mendi and Hawk 7/7/09) is just about a year old, we wanted to send a picture so that you can see for yourselves what a beautiful girl she is. And not only is she beautiful, but she’s also wonderfully happy and laid back, easy to train, and loves being our very best friend. We are so glad that we found out about Sievers Retrievers and that Daphne came home with us. Thanks so much for all you do.

Peggy and Ed Morris

Greetings from Alabama! I hope all is well with you. Jennifer and I are proud parents and wanted to send you a few up dated pictures of JD. He is from Brook and Spencer’s January 25 2009 liter. He continues to be SUCH a great dog. His temperament, behavior, and love for us is unconditional. Jennifer and I are newly married and have moved from our college town of Auburn Alabama to Birmingham Alabama now where JD has a yard and neighborhood to run around in!

I hope in the near future to get him a little buddy from the best breeder in the United States sievers retrievers!

Thanks Carla and hope 2010 is wonderful!

Cliff and Jennifer Myers

Happy Holiday’s from Support Dogs and Sievers Retrievers!

Ike is turning out really well, very good looking and great temperment. He is very trainable! Great dog! Thanks very much for everything!Ike is out of Sunshine and Hunters litter from July 9th, 2009 litter

Patti and Barry Suntrup

Suntrup BMW, Manchester Mo.

This is James Boone, Patti and Barry Suntrup Son-in-Law. Here is a update on June!

We are so happy with our puppy from your kennel. Every day, we recieve compliments not only on how pretty our dog looks but how kind and well behaved. I attribute this to your ability to raise the best dogs in town.


Cindy and Jim Bowers

Dear Roger & Michelle,

My mom and I bought our dog, Bindi (from Sassy & Hunters liter born Feb. 10th, 2003) on April 23rd, 2003. I would have contacted and left a testimonial or write a letter, but I decided e-mail would be quicker. I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do and breeding great dogs. Although I have only had two dogs in my life, and not remembering the first one since I was only 3 when he past away, I knew that I always wanted another dog, and Bindi has been the perfect dog I could have asked for. She has so many traits, and her personality is amazing. She is an active but calm, smart(passing and graduating obedience class and learning several tricks easily), healthy, loves all people, and she is a beautiful dog and has been for 6 years and counting. Each year for her birthday I make her a cake of canned food, hard food& peanut butter with a milk-bone on top and we go to the pet store to take her on a shopping spree. In all my years of having her, I’ve had a few people even ask me, “Did you get your dog from Sievers Retrievers?” which I thought was funny when they asked. Once I told the lady that asked me,”Yeah how’d you know?” and she replied, “I can tell from the way she looks”. Bindi always gets compliments on her good looks and perfect coat and the color of it when we go out anywhere, and the neighbors love her along with the workers at Petsmart and Petco. Plus she makes a great guard fog too, always being alert and looking out the window even if she sees a rabbit passing the window, she barks to let us know.(: She LOVES going for rides in the car, and swimming in small ponds at Busch Wildlife. I don’t think I could ask my for a better dog that I picked out, but I always do ask my mom if I can get another one.

Thank you! Ketah and Sue Johnson St. Louis, MO

LaBest has been servicing and training Sievers Retrievers puppies for many years. Each department at LaBest has found it a pleasure to work with Mr. Sievers’ line of puppies. I, Debbie Walker, owner of LaBest, have been professionally training dogs and their owners in novice and agility classes for 38 years. Through my many experiences I have found that Mr. Sievers’ quality line of breeding and knowledgable owners to be most attentive and eager in training classes. We at LaBest look forward to many more years of servicing and training Sievers Retrievers’ puppies and owners.

Debbie Walker


Hello Sievers Family,

We just wanted to share a picture of our best friend, Tackle. My husband and I picked him from a litter born to Tank and Candy. It was long ago, Spring1999, but seems like yesterday. He was our baby before we started our family. He was the best dog any family could have. He stuck around for the births of all four of our children. He protected them, loved them, and went everywhere with us. He was well trained and loved swimming in our pond. We enjoyed 10 great years with him and putting him down was so hard for our whole family. We miss him everyday. Thank you for such a great dog and we will see you soon as we start another journey with a Sievers lab. April


CEO of Purina Dog Food with one of our English Cremes.

Rams quarterback Marc Bulger supports Sievers Retrievers. The organization generously donated a retriever puppy to the Make A Wish Foundation to help make terminally ill children wishes come true.

Geno Cavallini – Retired St. Louis Blues Player
with a puppy from Blondie and Benneli’s 08
Labrador Retriever Litter.

�We love our Siever�s Retrievers chocolate lab puppy, Toby who is 1 year old. Toby has the best personality that you could ask for in a dog-well behaved and loving with all the kids and family. Thank you Siever�s Retrievers for giving us such a wonderfully family member!�

Dr. Bruce & Sarah Bacon


Two of my Labs, Desi and Danna, came from Roger and Michelle Sievers. They are both Certified as TOUCH Therapy Dogs through Support Dogs Inc. They bring happiness and many smiles to a lot of people. Danna has a son getting ready to graduate the Service Dog Program and another son that does therapy visits to a local hospital, like she does.

Roger and I together researched my Mystique’s pedigree and I purchased her from a breeder with confirmation champion lines. Mystique had her first litter May 5, 2005. Of the 9 pups in the litter, 4 boys are owned and being trained on site in Support Dogs Service Dog Program. 2 females are owned by Julia Bahr, Couseling Connections in Festus, MO and being trained to be on site Family Couseling Therapy Dogs. Roger Sievers bought 2, a yellow male, Bennelli, and black female, Ruby.

I have been to Support Dogs facility to watch the 4 boys, Magnum, Major, Mason and Max. I went on an “outing” with them and 2 of them have been to visit me at my home. The willingness to please, work and retrieve is so strong and the temprament of all is outstanding. The boys have learned to turn on lights, take off watches (leather buckle bands), take off shoes, socks and jackets , open and close doors and retrieve anything that is dropped without damaging or swallowing it, including coins.

I am very proud of this litter and can’t wait to see them all grown up, as well as off spring of Bennelli and Ruby’s. I have included 2 pictures of Starquests Mystique by Desiree “Mystique” (black) and Chablais Magnum “Magnum” (yellow) as well as a picture of 3 of the boys when we went on the “outing” to West Port Plaza ,they were 4 months old. Gayln is the AKC Canine Good Citizenship evaluator.

Gayln Bratcher
Desiree’s Labradors and Puppy Obedience Training
De Soto, Mo

Support Dogs have taken four of Ruby and Benelli’s siblings and they are being trained to be wheelchair assist dogs. At a year old the dogs have showed how intelligent they were.

Service Dogs in Training for Wheelchair Assist Dogs

I have trained several of the Sievers, Golden Retriever and Labrador puppies and own three Sievers golden retrievers myself and have always been pleased with the temperament and eagerness to learn. Sievers, always instructs their clients in proper care and training of their new pet.

Sharon M. West, Trainer
Westinn Kennels, Inc.

This is a Picture of Jack Clarence! He was born on May 31st. 2009 parents Morgan and Spencer…We are so happy that we have him he is an awesome dog…He has finished basic obedience and he was the star of the class. He is now in electronic training and is amazing he heels off leash…We will keep taking him to school for a couple more classes (intermediate and advance) He weighs 50 lbs and is very solid…

Jack has two brothers Bailey and Georgie both about 9 lbs Maltese…You would think he is the boss of them but you would be wrong that would be Bailey….It has taken the little dogs a while to get use to him but seems as though everything will work out…
We have a neighbor down the street that also has a dog from sievers retrievers…small world…
Just wanted to let you know that Jack has a very loving home and we are so glad to have him..
Thanks again
Brenda McGeehan

Hello Sievers: We plan on sending you another picture or two of Mr. Cash. He was one of the last remaining (2) males of Hoss and Sharpie litter this summer. We picked him up in August from you. We just wanted to send you a picture of him at roughly 4 1/2 months, and weighing in at 47 lbs. He is an absolutely awesome lab, with a very unique personality to say the least. He is getting along with our West Highland White Terrier great, as long as he remembers whos the boss in the house.

We will send more pictures soon, but just wanted to send you one of him today after his walk. By the way, he just loves water. Lakes, ponds, rivers, swimming pools, hot tubs, baths, showers. Cant keep him out.

Oh, one other point. We took him to the vet for his rabies shot, and the Vet’s jaw dropped when he walked in and to quote “What a beautiful lab you have, where did you get him again?”

Thanks again for an awesome dog.

Brian, Patti, and McKayla

Hey Sievers Family,

Wanted to shoot you a note and pictures of Jake, Cody and Kasey…all brothers from Lady and Gunner this past July. We are having a great time with the boys, watching them grow and experience new adventures. Jake is a big boy like his father Gunner, Cody is the speedster and Kasey (was the runt and the reason we have three) is catching up to the other two and holding his own. They love roaming around our land, chasing each other and playing with corn stalks. Looking forward to seeing how the boys react to the first snow…should be fun. Hope all is going well at Sievers Retrievers and have a great holiday season. (In the more recent pictures Jake has a black collar, Cody is blue and Kasey is red)

Dale & Sharon Renken

Well after 4 different trips to visit Sievers Retrievers we finally deicded to pick a puppy out of Angel and Gunners litter, we were so excited yet nervous. Since day 1 our puppy (TJ) has gone potty outside which made us so happy, so then we decided to start obeideince training. Tj has been off leash now for 3 months which is amazing since he is only 7 months old, the temperment of this puppy is amazing, and Tj and both our kids have become best of friends. This whole puppy experience has been a joy and we look forward to many, many years with this amazing dog. Thanks to the Sievers clan for putting up with us for 4 different trips and answering additional questions as time has gone on.

Thanks, the Grieshaber Family